11.11.11 – An Opportunity to Start Anew

The Cosmos does not count years or days, but we humans do. And so this repetitious date of Friday, November 11, 2011 at 11 AM, at 11 seconds past the hour — — would seem to have some significance, if not on a cosmic scale, then for us, both collectively and personally.

Numerologists tell us that the number “1” carries the energy of starting. As the first number of all numbers, it signifies breakthroughs and new beginnings, without which none of the other numbers would be able to follow and express themselves. Nothing (literally zero) comes before “1”; everything comes after it.

“1” is the number of the moment of conception, whether of a child or a brainchild. It is the number of beginning a new project, starting out on a journey, of initiating an action, of declaring independence from the crowd. It is the number of the creation of the world, of the Big Bang.

On this auspicious day, at this auspicious hour, you might want to spend some time reflecting on how your would like your life to be new and different — and imagine yourself taking the step into that new you. Think of this moment as ten exclamation-marks, not at the end of a sentence, but at the beginning. There has never been a better time to start “doing” you in an entirely new way.

11.11.11 Meditation

  • sit down in a quiet place
  • drop you shoulders
  • breathe deeply and easily
  • feel your face muscles relax
  • allow yourself to float in this peaceful place
  • surrender your personal past – your “story”
  • offer yourself to the energy of starting anew
  • imagine yourself reaching a crossroads
  • one road loops back to home and a familiar landscape
  • the other road strikes out into unfamiliar territory
  • take the first step onto this road
  • feel a sense of excitement wash over you
  • stay in this relaxed place until you are ready to end your meditation
All of us at LifePath wish you well on your journey.
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9 Responses to 11.11.11 – An Opportunity to Start Anew

  1. Alejandro Lupia says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. Love this nessage and I’m sharing it!!!

  3. So lovely, my thoughts bring me back to when I was there with you!
    Maybe some day I can return.

  4. Thank you for this and all the other posts. They are extremely informative and gentle nudges to finally make the trip to your lovely center. Perhaps this meditation will take me there soon.

  5. Simply beautiful, as all beautiful things are. Thank you.
    My Best,

  6. this is a wonderful gift that will guide us through the opportunity we have to create anew on 11-11-11.

  7. Dear ones,
    I will join you all, from a Vipassana Retreat wich starts the same day: 11.11.
    Hopefully many meditators will conect in joy and harmony towards a better and peaceful place to live.
    ¡I am greatful to be in such a lovely community! Love, light and peace……
    Martha Madrigal SM 11.11 2011

  8. Thank you for sharing this powerful intention, I will join with joy and love, and a possitive vision for human kind

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