7 Insights of Sexual Energy and The Sacred Worldview – Seminar with Fatima Bacot

Shiva Shakti

Sunday July 6th1:00pm (sharp) – 3:30pm


Fee: 130 PESOS (approx. US$10)

Sexual Energy is deeply and intrinsically related to Personal Evolution, Well-being and Happiness. It is deeply connected to the unique and creative expression of your Soul Purpose in all areas of your Life, including your most intimate relationships with others and with all of life.

The dance of both Feminine and Masculine Energy within ourselves is perhaps the most powerful Energy that we can galvanize. Unfortunately, Sexual Energy is also the MOST REPRESSED, but…because we come from Sexual Energy itself, from this very dance of the Feminine and the Masculine, it is vital to understand it and free it up for our Happiness.

We are living in turning-point times, witnessing a collapsing, patriarchal order of ‘how things once were’….and critically, without the healing on the deepest of levels of Sexual Energy, in our chakras, emotions, DNA, in our upper and lower bodies…..we remain divided and at war with ourselves, our bodies, intimacy, finances, creativity, with others and with life itself….and we cannot move forward.

Come join Fatima Bacot as she takes us through….

7 Insights to Sexual Energy and the Sacred Worldview

    • Insight One:               The Sanctity of Sexual Energy
    • Insight Two:              The Sanctity of the Masculine and Feminine
    • Insight Three:            The Sanctity of the Body & Embodiment
    • Insight Four:              The Sanctity of Love
    • Insight Five:               The Sanctity of Conscious Relationships
    • Insight Six:                The Sanctity of the Earth and all Life
    • Insight Seven:           Co-creating a Sacred Worldview

…as part of our journey towards the New!

Sexual Energy is a natural birthright and a Pathway to Conscious Partnerships, Transformation, Freedom, Manifestation, JOY, Oneness, Multidimensionality & Planetary Evolution. It is time for us to be connected to ourselves and our Sexual Energy, and it is time to be profoundly connected to one another so we can move forward into a Sacred Worldview.

 What to Bring:  please being any snacks you need, bottled water, and pen and paper.

For more information and any questions, please contact:  admin@fatimabacot.com



??????????Fatima Bacot is an Australian Metaphysical Teacher, Author and Mentor, working with spirituality, politics, sexuality and evolutionary activism for Conscious Evolution & Freedom.

Fatima brilliantly presents humanity’s far-ranging, exponentially-unfolding ‘breakdowns and breakthroughs’ in contexts that are illuminating and accessible.  Additionally, in her private and group work, Fatima intuitively focuses an incisive spotlight into one’s mind, emotions, body and psyche, bringing to light crippling patterns, and the simple techniques to move forward….based on those that she developed for herself regarding her own extremely crushing lows of self-esteem and self-worth.

Fatima utilizes the mediums of Seminars, Workshops & Speaking; Astro-Intuitive Diagnosis & Consultations; Personal & Group Mentoring; Teleseminars and Webinars; CDs, MP3s, blog, social media. With clients in 13 countries worldwide, Fatima has been dedicated for over 25 years to furthering the unlimited evolution of human Consciousness.

For all information, please visit: www.fatimabacot.com

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