April 2014: Introduction to SoulCollage® & Open Studio

Picture1with Deborah Milosevich

April 17th, 2014 10 am-4 pm
Cost: 50 USD

Introduction to SoulCollage®

Immerse yourself for a few hours in the soul-satisfying process of SoulCollage® where you will create a personal deck of collage cards.Using your intuition, you will choose from a unique collection of images, and with scissors and glue, create collage cards that reflect your influences, your personality, and your guides. You will also get a taste of how you can consult your cards for self-exploration and understanding by doing readings alone or in small groups. No artistic skill or experience is necessary. Come join in the fun!

SoulCollage® OpenStudio

(For those who have taken an Introduction Workshop)
If you have already attended an Introduction to SoulCollage® Workshop, please join with those who are taking their first class. This is a great time to introduce a friend to the SoulCollage® process. You can spend your time making cards and join in on the card reading.

HOW TO REGISTER: Please contact Deborah directly at dmalaka@yahoo.com or call her at 806.795.4805 (US number).

About Deborah Milosevich
jocarol and meDeborah has been a working artist for 30 years. Her work seems to be something she has to do in order to feel “right” in the world. She has also been leading SoulCollage® workshops since taking the facilitator training with Seena Frost, the creator of SoulCollage®. Deborah was drawn to this process because it is a very intuitive process in which anyone can be successful. Her belief is that most everyone would like to create art but can be stopped by lack of opportunity or feel that there is a right way for it to be done. SoulCollage® just seems to handle all of those concerns.

Deborah really loves making SoulCollage® cards and the reading of the cards adds a whole new dimension to the process. The personal insight gained from the readings is soulful and revealing. The process of working with a group and sharing the cards also creates a deep sense of community. This is a deep and moving process.

As a professional artist, Deborah shows her work at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos, New Mexico. For many years, she has also led art workshops for a women’s leadership program as well as various groups of people in sacred art workshops. For the past 14 years, she has taught Art Appreciation for Texas Tech University.

For more info about Deborah, please click HERE.

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