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Understanding Boundaries and Standards

Beverly Nelson, Ph.D. In the LifePath retreats we lead, we help people understand that healthy boundaries and high standards are essential in creating a LifePath that is in alignment with who they are. In the many articles and books written Read more…

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Thanksgiving Prayers and Blessings from Different Cultures and Faiths

Great Spirit of Universal Love and Compassion, Thank you for having chosen us out of limitless creative possibilities to share the spark of your Divine Life. Thank you for helping us to understand that we are all part of One Read more…

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Recovering a Sense of Balance in Retreat

Beverly Nelson, Ph.D. In Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now, Maya Angelou says, “If we step away for a time, we are not, as many may think and some will accuse, being irresponsible, but rather we are preparing ourselves Read more…

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