Corporal and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Alexander Lowen ‘rescued’ the research of Wilhelm Reich, who was a student of Sigmund Freud and who was the first to became aware of the relationship between body and energy (breathing, emotions) and the psychological content. Lowen founded the first school of Corporal Psychotherapy: Biogenergetics.

Aura de Wit’s approach to psychotherapy incorporates Bioenergetics – which explores all the levels of a person’s reality: physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual – ; as well as several techniques of all main schools of Psychotherapy.

This kind of therapy works for any kind of problems: personal, couples, work, finding the sources of an illness, repetitive patterns, neurosis, etc.

Cost per session (1 hr): 600 MXN. For bookings, contact Aura directly via e-mail:

Aura de Wit
Certified Corporal & Transpersonal Psychotherapist

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