Back for a limited time!: Diamond Consciousness Astro-Intuitive Readings – Fatima Bacot

Divine Feminine 2For many of us, these are volatile and catalytic times, and there is a strong urging to BREAK FREE OF LIMITATION; and to step into one’s own shoes as a Powerful Co-Creator. Receiving clarity, mastering one’s thoughts, learning the art of manifestation, and releasing the past; make these Astro-Intuitive Sessions with Fatima a wise, evolutionary investment. It is time to fully be who you are and to step forward, without limits.

Fatima specializes in providing exceptional diagnosis and ‘Diamond Consciousness’ clarity regarding distortion patterns, and who you are and where you are currently headed. Reaching deeply and intuitively into the Akashic Records, she discovers patterns from this and other lifetimes that are critical for you to release in order to be one with the continuing stream of powerful Energies.

The Readings are not so much predictive (although they can be) as they are about giving YOU solutions and the Power to move ahead. They are co-created with you, in the moment, according to what it is that is most instructive and freeing for you to receive.

Fatima assists you with harnessing your energy to make powerful Consciousness leaps into quantum, multidimensional expression. This is Healing, Illuminating and Transformational service from a Teacher powerfully grounded in the traditions of New Thought, and the ancient Spiritual Mystery Schools.

There are two types of Sessions:

      • 60-Minute Session ~ 900MXN
      • 90-Minute Session ~ 1350MXN

Fatima facilitates these privately from where she is living in SMA, or via Skype or Landline….whichever is most convenient to YOU. ALL Readings are recorded for repeated listening and sent to you via email link immediately following your Session.

Please email Fatima on to arrange your booking whilst she is in SMA.


About Fatima Bacot

Fatima is an Australian Metaphysical Teacher, Mentor, Healer, Reader, Author and Speaker. She has been offerring talks, seminars, teleseries, webinars, CDs, mentoring and more covering a span of over 25 years…reaching clients in 13 countries globally. Please visit her website for more information about Fatima, her Planetary Service and Testimonials.

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