April: Diamond Consciousness Satsang, with Fatima Bacot

Every Tuesday of April, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm


Cost: 130 pesos per class. Drop-ins welcome. 1st class is FREE for all newcomers!

We are living in the midst of a massive alteration in the dynamics of how we view ourselves, ‘reality’, and all aspects of our lives. It is a time of great breakdowns and powerful breakthroughs…in order to give birth to new versions of ourselves and our lives.

Are you wanting to experience a greater certainty, stability, clarity and peace? Is your life in flux?

Join Australian Metaphysical Teacher, Author and Reader, FATIMA BACOT, for “Diamond Consciousness Satsang”. In Sanskrit ‘Satsang’ means “association with Truth”. Come learn and awaken to the Transformative Power of the Truth, Love and Peace Within. Awaken to the Presence of all that you are.

Fatima will be using a combination of Breathwork, Silence, Guided Visualization, Heart Coherence, and Channeling ….for clearing, releasing, activating, upgrading and manifesting during these auspicious times. In so doing, depart from running your life based on ‘automatic pilot’ and outdated patterns and scripting. Come into conscious awareness, co-creation and evolution regarding all aspects of your life….from a foundation of deeper Wisdom, Abundance and Trust.

Leave behind your day-to-day distractions and put your complete attention on awakening to the Truth and Power alive in your own Heart!

Fatima is unspeakably amazing and knowledgeable. I am so grateful that our paths have crossed and that I have been able to travel down all paths of my life with her. Fatima has been the answer to all the difficulties I have been experiencing for the past five years of my life…It is a continuous process, of course. We are always moving ahead. Words can’t say how much you have helped me. It truly has been an amazing experience of discovery. It is true “When the student is ready the teacher appears. BK, USA

Please contact Fatima at admin@fatimabacot.com for more details; or visit her website: www.fatimabacot.com

About Fatima Bacot

Fatima is an Australian Metaphysical Teacher, Mentor, Healer, Reader, Author and Speaker. She has been offering talks, seminars, teleseries, webinars, CDs, mentoring and more covering a span of over 25 year, reaching clients in 13 countries globally.

Please visit her website for more information about Readings, Seminars, Mentoring, Book, Public Speaking, CDs, MP3s, Blog, and her Facebook page.

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