Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Coaching uses emotions as a guide and as fuel for action. Emotions feed that engine that we all carry inside us; it’s an energy that moves us and pushes us to live. Emotions aren’t good or bad, but rather they’re pleasant or unpleasant. And in each and every case they provide information that directly points us to our needs; this way becoming the source of motivation and immediate connection for the change to occur.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching integrates Emotional Coaching and Coaching for Change — a renowned method in Spain developed by Gloria Mendez. This integrated process is tailored to the needs of each person as a unique human being. It does not follow formulas or stereotypical recipes and it respects the client’s life environment in order for the change to be friendly and sustainable. This process leads towards the client’s self-discovery and self-awareness by maximizing their capabilities, recognizing their own needs and managing their own emotions, making the client feel capable of embracing change.

Cost per hour: 500 pesos.


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