Currently on break: Flow Yoga, with Liza Keogh


Cost: 100 MXN. Drop-ins welcome!

e2fb33ce223d3d35071de8b4fc728e49Liza’s ‘Flow Yoga’ classes include movements that undulate the spine, stretch the limbs, circle the joints, and more. We move through poses that enliven the myofascial pathways, lubricate the joints, and stoke our ‘agni’ (the digestive fire). Standing poses create strong legs and feed the heart and lungs. Balance poses challenge the area of the brain responsible for that task. Back bends keep the chest open, forward bends calm the mind. Side bends and spinal twists keep our spines organized, open and happy.

Every ‘Flow Yoga’ class is different, and each one ends in the meditative, restorative stillness of savasana.

SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER: 300mx for 4 classes (good through 31 Dec. 2013)

  • Liza Keogh
    Yoga Teacher, Yoga Elder & Yoga Teacher Trainer
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