Guided Meditation Classes – with Alejandro Negrete

Buddha 2

“Meditation is the daily bread of the wise”
Samael Aun Weor

EVERY THURSDAY from 10-11am


LifePath Center, La Aldea #29 (new location)

Drop-ins welcome.

80 pesos

Meditation is one of the most important practices for spiritual development. It is a tool that can give us access to direct experiences of our True Nature and thus offers us a key point of reference for our process of spiritual growth. The more awareness we acquire of our true essence, the more we can naturally develop more fulfilling and joyful lives.

Throughout these practice-oriented classes, we will learn about different forms of meditation used in diverse mystical traditions and directly experience their benefits, giving us a broad understanding of this ancestral practice and it’s many benefits.

We will explore techniques such as Zazen (“just sitting”) and Zen koans, the use of mantras in meditation, ways to develop concentration, the power of visualization, the importance of mindfulness and conscious relaxation, the power of chant to still the mind, the use of meditative music, and much more.


Physical benefits:

      • Induces physical relaxation and rejuvenation
      • Helps in coping with chronic illness
      • Balances the nervous system


Psychological benefits:

      • Builds self-confidence
      • Increases creativity
      • Improves relationships and communication
      • Helps us overcome addictions

Spiritual benefits:

      • Provides peace of mind and happiness
      • Helps us to free ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions
      • Helps us develop compassion and wisdom
      • Helps us to develop concentration and mindfulness

Note: No previous experience necessary.


Alejandro Negrete

HM: (415) 120-0649

Cell: (415) 117-0428

Price: $100 pesos per class, PACKAGE: 5 for $400


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