How Your Space Influences You – An Interactive Half-day Workshop on Vastu Shastra, the Vedic Science of Design and Architecture


With Alejandro Negrete

Saturday August 24th,  from 4-7pm

LifePath Center, La Aldea #29 (new location)

“Come and learn useful techniques to help you create beautiful and inspiring living environments and improve your quality life.”

Vastu is the Vedic science of design and architecture. The Vedas (sacred texts from ancient India from which Yoga and Ayurveda are derived) consider that there is an intrinsic harmony within creation. They propose that in order to achieve success and prosperity in all areas of life, we must learn to live in accordance with the delicate equilibrium inherent in nature.

Unfortunately, this principle has been all but forgotten by society at large, and so the modern structures that we inhabit have not been created with this intention. As such, the majority of them are imbalanced and this can generate problems in various areas of our life, including our health, family relationships, marriage, finances, career, etc.

Through Vastu we can bring the structures in which we live and work back into alignment with the natural order inherent in nature, which helps us to greatly reduce much unnecessary stress in our lives and enhance the positive energies that can support us in creating the life we desire.


      • The basic tenants of sacred architecture and design according to Vastu
      • How your space influences your health, finances, relationships, and life in general
      • How to improve your space through key components of interior design
      • About the psychological effects and importance of color
      • A powerful 5-element meditation to bring body, mind and spirit into balance
      • About the use of intentional altars
      • Mantras to purify and recharge your environment
      • About the benefits of implementing sacred geometry in your space
      • How to bring greater beauty into your space

All participants will receive practical handouts for easy application of the principles and practices covered during the workshop.

TO REGISTER contact Alejandro Negrete:

HM: (415) 120-0649

Cell: (415) 117-0428

Price: $350 MXN


Facebook: Living Lotus Vastu

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