June 2013: Introduction to Shamanic Journeying – Workshop

Led by Antonio Ramírez, PsyD

June 29th & 30th, 2013. 9 am – 6 pm

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that allows practitioners to access knowledge and power from the spiritual realm. The knowledge and power can be used in many different ways, for example to heal emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual problems, finding power objects and places, use plants for healing, and to strengthen practitioners spiritual lives. 

This workshop’s goal is to teach participants the theory and practice of shamanic journeying. It also will mention some of its diverse applications.

Participants will do several journeys to contact their spiritual teachers, both their power animals in the lower world and their spiritual teachers in the upper world. The journeys will be done using the sound of a drum as it is done in many ancient cultures. No mind altering substances will be used.  

In terms of theory the workshop will review the following:

      • History of shamanism
      • Diverse methods for shamanic journeying
      • Shamanic states of consciousness
      • The division of the world in three parts
      • Diverse uses of shamanism
      • What is and how shamanic power is used
      • The importance of maintaining a high ethical practice when using shamanic practices

Cost: $1,500 MXN (includes lunch)

To register, call LifePath Center (USA 214.432.5711, MEX 415.154.8465) or e-mail info@lifepathretreats.com.

About the facilitator

Antonio Ramirez holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and he is an associate professor at California Institute of Integral Studies. He teaches in two programs, Drama Therapy and Integral Counseling Psychology. He teaches a class on Transpersonal Psychotherapy, addressing how ancient spiritual traditions can be used in combination with western psychotherapy. Antonio participated in the three year program of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies with Michael Harner, anthropologist, researcher and author of the book The Way of the Shaman.

Antonio has also spent time studying with native shamans in the Amazon jungle of Peru, with the Mazatecs in Mexico, and with spiritists groups. He has been studying with Pomo elder and medicine man Lorin Smith for over 15 years. 

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