Offer a Class, Class series, Lecture, Conference, Seminar, Workshop or Retreat

Would you like to offer a class, lecture, or workshop at LifePath Center? If your area of expertise falls under the general headings of “personal growth,” we welcome a proposal from you at We strongly recommend you read through our general policies first. Please send a good-quality color head-shot of you as a .jpg or .png file with your proposal, and be as specific as possible about desired dates, duration, etc.



  • For all classes, lectures, workshops and retreats, the classroom rental fee is $100 pesos per hour during regular office hours (Mon-Fri: 9 AM-6 PM), $150 pesos when not within regular  office hours. See specific policies for additional considerations.
  • LifePath Center advertises through the following channels:
      1. Website listing with photo, your contact information, and details of your offering
      2. Lobby flyer listing
      3. Bulletin board listing
      4. Weekly listing/link in email blast to LifePath Center’s ever-growing list of over 2,000 email addresses
      5. Facebook & Twitter
  • All events at LifePath must have a minimum entrance fee/donation of 50 pesos.
  • The facilitator must arrange hosting activities, such as greeting people at the door, collecting money, seeing that the room is orderly and free of trash upon leaving, closing the street door behind the last person, etc. For this purpose, you may want to enlist the help of a friend to do these tasks.
    • Please note that LifePath Center does not register or pre-register attendees for any of the events. This is why we ask all facilitators to provide contact information where people interested in attending their event can reach them for these purposes.
  • Special note for groups: LifePath Center can lodge up to 10 persons on double occupancy. More persons can be accommodated when a third person occupies the room. This is available only in specific rooms. For group rates and further information, please inquire when contacting us.


(Please click on the PDF icon to download)

  • For Ongoing Classes:

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  • For Class Series:

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  • For Workshops, Seminars, Conferences/Lectures, and Retreats:

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  • For Donation-Only Events:

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In case you wish to cancel your event, LifePath Center must be notified between 30 and 15  days in advance.  If you notify us of the cancellation 30 or more days in advance and you have covered classroom rental fee (i.e. the ‘minimum’), you will be refunded 100% of the fee. If you notify us of the cancellation 15 to 30 days in advance, you will be refunded 50% of the fee. If you cancel the event less than 15 days in advance, you will not be refunded. Please note that advertising fees are NOT refundable in any case. Thanks.


NOTE: Contracting for an event at the Center does not automatically guarantee an audience. In order to fill seats for your event, you will also need to promote your event on your own. Here is a promotion check-list (not all items may apply):

  • Give a free (or donation) talk at LifePath Center (request a time).
  • List your event in Atencion’s weekly Que Pasa section (
  • Submit an article about  your Workshop to Atencion ( best as an infomercial-type article, written in the 3rd-person; e.g., ‘Yoga Can Restore Youth’ — then a small section or sidebar about you and what you have to offer).
  • Print a small flyer and have copies placed in mailboxes (La Conexion, Solutions, Border Crossings).
  • Our printer is Art Print Express—they can help you with flyer design; they have all the LP templates:
  • Submit your information on websites related to San Miguel (such as
  • Advertise in San Miguel magazines, such as Inside/Dentro San Miguel, Walking & Shopping Guide, etc.
  • Place flyers and/or posters at major gathering places in San Miguel.
  • Get interviews on the local radio station (Spanish-speaking only).
  • Take out a Classified Ad or a larger ad in Atencion. Copy and paste the url link to your LP website page; send it to your own list and/or insert after your signature on your email letters.
  • Post the link to our website’s entry about your event on your Facebook and/or Twitter, and ask your friends to share it too.



Even though LifePath Center screens all facilitators and teachers to the best of our capabilities, in order to make sure that the quality of the event(s) they offer is up to the standards LifePath Center has come to be recognized for; it is not always possible to foresee specific outcomes of every event. LifePath Center is not financially liable or responsible for any moneys received or refunds due to/from any facilitator or teacher; therefore, it is each facilitator’s and each teacher’s responsibility to deal with any financial issues or concerns which may arise from a student or group of students. It is in our best interest and that of our customers that all such matters are settled in a responsible, transparent, and ethical manner.