Life Coaching

Coaching for Times of Transition

To be coached during the inevitable shifts and transitions of our personal and professional lives is a threshold decision, a threshold being what poet Gregory Orr calls “a place where we are most able to alter our understanding of the world and of our own lives in it.”

In the beginning, you bring a desire for change in some aspect of your life. As your advocate, I help you claim your stories— the thoughts, tales, beliefs, and habits you’ve accumulated over a lifetime—and help you nurture the innate wisdom that lies within you. It is a lively, wholehearted conversation, an active engagement with your heart, intellect, body sense, and intuition that allows you to explore and unleash:

    • Insightful knowing that pinpoints what works in your life and what does not;
    • The freedom of focused, creative actions;
    • Tools and practices that bring about the spirited calm of clarity, compassion, and choice: mindful presence, communication skills and brain-based knowledge, to name a few;
    • The joy and strength within the common threads of your experience.

For more details, visit Nancy G. Shapiro’s website.

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