Making Our Soulful Journey: Shaping our Daily Quest for Authenticity

Feb 20-24, 2012. 8:30 AM-1 PM

This workshop is designed for participants to create a personal pilgrimage into their future and the future of the world we co-create. Our daily pilgrimages create our life journey. Both are limited and uncertain. Those conditions can be our motivation to stop and explore the authenticity of our current journey, courageously map out what’s next, and consider what influence our journey is having in the greater world.
Participants will work with presenters to:
• Refresh and renew the mind, body, and spirit in a beautiful setting in San Miguel de Allende
• Recognize and celebrate our life’s journey thus far
• Explore our personal stories, past present and future
• Delve into stories, myths, and story archetypes that inform our journey
• Gain clarity regarding our focus for the next leg of our journey
• Consider multiple ways to plan the upcoming adventures
• Discover and work with potential detours and roadblocks
• Claim our calling in our collective world as a result of our authentic journey

Cost: $595.00 (8100 pesos)

Presenters Mary Mantei, Jim May, and Jay Stailey will guide you through five magical days in San Miguel de Allende. Self-exploration through stories and storytelling, discussions, conversations, journaling, and walking the labyrinth will be part of each day. Focused afternoon explorations of San Miguel can be followed by siestas, small or large group evenings of star gazing, fine Mexican cuisine, and mariachis on El Jardin.

Mary Mantei is the founder of Superior Coaching Unlimited, a human development organization that specializes in executive coaching for school leaders and life coaching for individuals from all walks of life. She believes that when our life journey is matched to our passions, talents, and actions, we create not only the life we are meant to be living, we become an essential component of creating a higher quality world for all. Mary has worked nationally and internationally as a teacher, consultant, and coach with students, parents, teachers, and coaches-in-training.

Jim May is an Emmy Award-winning storyteller and writer. The author of the award winning book, The Farm on Nippersink Creek, he is cofounder of the Illinois Storytelling Festival. Jim was inducted into the National Storytelling “Circle of Excellence” in the year 2000. He has toured the U.S. and Europe sharing tales at storytelling and folk festivals, including the National Storytelling Festival, the Cape Clear International Storytelling Festival (Ireland), and the Towersy Folk Festival in England. His workshops and seminars emphasize the role of myth, story, and culture in the personal, family and community context.

Jay Stailey, storyteller, author, leadership coach and certified Labyrinth facilitator, has made pilgrimages to Machu Picchu, the Field of Dreams, and the Valparaiso, Chile, home of poet Pablo Neruda. Educational consultant, adjunct professor and avid traveler, Jay recently journeyed to Africa for Ethiopia Reads to participate in training teachers, librarians, and school administrators. Following a career in school administration, Jay currently works as a mentor and coach for the School Improvement Resource Center in Austin, Texas.

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