August 2014: Mandala Painting –Creating a Vision of Sacred Space

A workshop with Linda Laino (MFA)
August 8th, 10am-4pm

Cost: 800 pesos (includes all materials)

All levels of experience as well as Spanish speakers are welcome!

No se requiere experiencia. ¡Taller bilingüe!

Linda Mandala

Mandala 5, 2013, L. Laino
Mixed media watercolor
12” x 12”

“Everything sacred moves in a circle”~Black Elk

Mandala, Sanskrit for “circle”, is part of a sacred art form in Buddhist and Hindu traditions.  Mandalas are used in part, as a focus for attention and meditation.   Symbolic of the essence of mind and body, the actual process of creating a mandala, is as important as the finished image.  Eastern traditions use images and forms that are symbolic of their traditions, but contemporary mandalas can be used as personal symbols, reminding us of our “center” that radiates everything to the world.

Come and spend a day in quiet meditation and learn a beautiful art form that you will return to again and again for inspiration and joy.

We will be working with watercolors as our medium.  All materials will be provided, but if you have favorite paints or brushes, please feel free to bring those, along with a sketchbook.

How to register:  please send an email to Linda at for payment options.

About Linda Laino

Linda LainoFor over 30 years, Linda has been making art in one form or another.  Originally from Philadelphia; Richmond, Virginia had been home for most of her adult life.  Having recently moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, her senses have been infused with new life and a reverence for the sacred impermanence of everyday beauty.

Receiving her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a focus in textiles, Linda’s working life since then has taken many forms including teaching, textile restoration, small business owner, purveyor of books, waitress and cook.  She has toiled at these occupations separately over the years and at times, all at once!  All of this in an effort to sustain her art-making, which remains an activity inseparable from her life.  While pondering mystery in all forms remains central to Linda’s work, she tries not to question what leads her hand and eye too much, but to continue to trust in life and marvel at nature’s ingenuity.

Finding beautiful things on the ground is a favorite pastime.

To see some of Linda’s work, please visit

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