May 2014: Reconnecting with Yourself – A workshop with Yara Vidal */ Reconectando Contigo Mism@ – Taller con Yara Vidal*

May 3rd & 4th, 10 AM – 3 PM

Cost: 1,600 pesos per person.

*Bilingual event / Evento bilingüe


This upbeat workshop is all about reconnecting with life through different, fun and easy techniques. Yara will lead you in working with your chakras, angels, divine guides; you will open your mind and heart to a new way of empowering and reconnecting with your higher self. You will heal your life life by changing your belief system, contacting your higher self through meditation: you will start trusting God and your inner guidance, to be in charge again and make the changes you really want in your life, in order to fulfill your dreams and your purpose in life. 

If you have lost your faith, or feel brokenhearted, this workshop will help you feel loved again, while also filling you with compassion. Yara’s aim is to inspire others, as well as to find the science of a joyful life, and remind her students that each person has a power to embrace. This workshop contemplates several healing and meditation exercises, and is suitable for all ages.

To register, e-mail Yara at

About Yara Vidal

Yara websiteYara is a 33 year old Mexican healer. She is a passionate art and music lover,  and she edits her own cultural magazine. Yara is a cultural promoter and a keen seeker of the sublime, and all the ways the love of the Universe connects with us. For the last decade, Yara has been working with several techniques like Theta Healing and Reiki; her main goal is to share a message of love, trust and compassion with whomever God/The Universe sends her way.

Yara is a living proof of the success of all the techniques and wisdom she teaches. Her main goal is to always be a channel for the highest healing energies – all this, while having a very personal and lively approach to spirituality. 

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