Nuad Naam Mann – Thai Aroma Oil Massage

Come rest and relax in our tastefully decorated rooms, surrounded by aromatic scents.

Know your body through the touch and healing power of massage. The influence of our therapeutic work will make your whole body “smile” in relaxation and relief!

Thai – Aromatherapy Massage:

  • It is part of the age-old Thai healing, with Thai massage and bodywork combined with traditional medical knowledge of physiotherapy.
  • String and soothing or even kneading, deep tissue massage techniques working with aromatic, warm medicated oils along the energy lines (Sen Lines), stimulate and balance.
  • The energy lines and pressure points, as well as wrists and thumbs, are treated to address physical and energetic blockages.


  • The muscles are well supplied with blood.
  • Regenerates, tranquilizes, boosts mood.
  • Promotes concentration.
  • Themetabolism is stimulated to cleansing and detoxifying.
  • With the incorporation of high quality essential oils, the skin tightens and rejuvenates.

Only pure, natural, organic essential oils are used.

Cost: 1.5 hrs – $800 pesos

Jennifer Hofmann
MA, Licensed Thai Yoga Masseuse

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