October 13th-17th 2014: Psychic Susan Weisberger at LifePath Center!

Black-eyed Susan

Personal growth is process that can take time, but with over 30 years of experience as a psychic, counselor, therapist, past life regressionist and life-coach, Susan Weisberger can help you define your goals, uncover your emotional blocks and trust your personal growth. While it’s important that you follow your personal path and seek guidance from teachers, you must also trust your inner voice. Let Susan help you find your higher self and feel better about your choices.

Susan’s readings are based on what she senses about you — your current life situation, your past, your emotions, your spirit, and your relationships — at the time of the reading. These readings are often useful when you have a specific question about something or someone in your life – past, present or future – that needs to be resolved.

Cost per session: 950 MXN
Each session lasts 1 hour. You are advised to book your session with as much anticipation as possible. Appointments are available 9am-1pm; and 2pm-5pm. To book your session, please contact info@lifepathretreats.com specifying date and time; or you can also call 154.8465 (between 10:30am and 2:30 pm on weekdays).

PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: You may either pay in advance at LifePath during office hours; OR right before your session. Pre-paid appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours anticipation are non-refundable. Due to the volume of clients Susan usually sees, the schedule must be respected. Therefore, clients who arrive with a delay greater than 15 minutes will be considered no-shows and, if they were pre-paid appointments, will not be entitled to a refund. Thanks for understanding. 
DSC_0732About Susan Weisberger
Having been born into an intuitive family – she had a very famous grandmother who was a psychic in San Francisco during the late 1800s; and her mother was psychic herself-, Susan became fully aware of her abilities when she was six. From early childhood, her mother encouraged her and her two brothers to meditate and practice using their psychic abilities. Susan’s brothers chose to go outside and play; she took it seriously.
So for the past 30-odd years, Susan has been embracing her gifts. In the process, Spirit sent her to Sedona where she has been helping, guiding and teaching those who wish to evolve spiritually. Her website is susanweisberger.com. You can also like Susan’s Facebook page and/or follow her on Twitter
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