October 31st: Powerful or Powerless – IT’S YOUR CHOICE!

A seminar with Verna Cornelia Price, PhD

Based on her bestselling book The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life

October 31st, 2013. 11am-12:30 pm

*There will be 30 minutes of book signing after the seminar.
*Personal coaching sessions with Dr. Verna 1 – 4 pm, the same day.

9780971776500_p0_v1_s260x420Who is influencing your life? Are they influencing you in a positive or negative way? How can you weed out the negative people in your life? What kind of powerful person are you? Are you adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying others? How can you become an extraordinary, successful person?

In this 90-minute seminar you will:

    • Discover the four kinds of Powerful People in your life—Adders, Subtracters, Dividers, and Multipliers.
    • Take a Personal Power Assessment to find out what type of powerful person you are.
    • Learn how to deal with powerful Subtracters in your life.
    • Learn how to attract Adders into your life.
    • Learn how to more fully honor your values.
    • Learn how to decrease your stress and increase your joy.
    • Get Dr. Verna’s personal tips for staying younger and healthier, longer!

Tickets: 15 USD or 195 MXN

30 minute private coaching session: 25 USD or 325 MXN

60 minute private coaching session: 49 USD or 625 MXN


  • Reserve your tickets at www.drvernaprice.com/shop. Purchase the Change Package or Power Package and your seminar ticket is FREE!
  • Or, contact Anne Nicolai: 415.152.1468 or 044.415.100.2005 (cell phone); annenicolai@earthlink.net.

About Verna Cornelia Price, PhD

Dr__Verna_-_Color_2008_-_2Dr. Verna Cornelia Price is CEO of The Power of People Consulting Group™ and an internationally known human potential expert specializing in personal power, leadership and change. Dr. Verna founded multiple organizations in the U.S. including a Leadership Academic Minor at the University of Minnesota, The Power of People Leadership Institute, and Girls in Action™ in Minneapolis. Dr. Verna consults with diverse audiences including corporate executives, government agencies, not-for profits and universities, and has worked with clients in Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America. In 2013, Dr. Verna was named an Everyday Hero by EBONY magazine and in 2010 was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Minnesota Black MBAs and Pioneer of the Year by WomenVenture. Her books include The Power of People: Four Kinds of People Who Can Change Your Life, The Silent Cry and Change Your Life in 30 Days. Dr. Verna received her Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Adminstration from the University of Minnesota and is currently Leadership Institute Faculty at St. Catherine University. Dr. Verna is married to Shane Martin Price and has four children. Her website is www.drvernaprice.com.

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