Anabel Cardenas Dugal, Yoga Instructor

Mexican phone: +52.415.152.8129

Class schedule: YOGA FOR ALL LEVELS: Mon & Thurs 5:45-7:15 pm. 120 pesos.
GENTLE YOGA (every other week): Saturdays 10-11:15. 120 pesos.

007Anabel was born in Mexico City and came to live in San Miguel de Allende to teach dance from 1992 to 2008 at the Art Institute of Bellas Artes. Her various interests in movement, body-mind, tai-chi, qigong, spirituality, astrology, health, and nutrition drew her to practice yoga. She saw all the pains and aches she had developed as a dancer evaporate with her yoga practice. And, she found a very valuable life tool of self-knowledge and self transformation.

Over the past 12 years in San Miguel, Anabel has studied different styles and approaches to yoga. She feels that her greatest teachers are her students. Anabel teaches Hatha Yoga giving emphasis on the breath and alignment. She also helps to bring awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection. Though postures, her students learn how to strengthen, open, relax and balance the body. Through pranayama, people can learn how to purify the body, find a calmer and quiet mind and sharpen their concentration.

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Thank you for the exercise you suggested for my shoulder. The pain and stress of the injury is lessening, and the surrounding muscles are strengthening. I am so relieved. I am really impressed with your ability to teach a multi-level class. This is a challenge for most teachers and you move through each class with such ease and grace. This, in itself, is an example; a teaching you give to your students. I always look forward to your class. In attending your class I learned something new to bring to my practice at home. I appreciate the focus on learning and not just doing a yoga routine. Thank you again for all your knowledge and wisdom you share in your class. Maura Gallagher

One of the maxims of yoga practice is to bring awareness to every part of the body. Anabel brings this premise to her classes, with admirable devotion and love, using an everyday language to explain the movements. She guides her students through each muscle and joint so that they can fix their attention there and, in time, each of them can build the possibility of attention that makes us inhabit and move in a body that is familiar to us, in full potential.That consciousness, which Anabel so rightfully lights in body awareness, helped me rebuild the codes on each zone of my body and highlight what I had forgotten. As my knowledge and my attention to my own body has grown, this awareness is manifesting itself in each and every action of my life. Thanks. – Vasco