Beverly Nelson, Psychologist, Ph.D. – Director of LifePath Center

Mexican cell phone: 044.415.101.8003

Office hours: By appointment

Psychological Counseling can cover a variety of areas. However, the modalities that I use all relate to the process of transformation as an individual. In addition to being a Psychologist, I am a retreat leader, consultant, and former university professor with over 35 years of experience. I have conducted national and international retreats for groups to places such as Bali, Peru, Mexico, and Ecuador.

I bring to LifePath a unique understanding of the personal transformation process through my dedication to my own personal growth, my life and travel experiences, my extensive training in a variety of psychological processes, and my professional experience as a Psychologist. I have also founded and directed one of the first comprehensive alternative health centers in the United States as well as a 35-acre retreat center.

My life has been devoted to the field of Psychology and the healing process, as I have continued the active pursuit of knowledge to incorporate into my unique healing model. My background extends to training in Bioenergetics™, hypnotherapy (including past life regressions), transpersonal psychology, and trauma reduction.

Treatment Services offered by Beverly at LifePath Center:

      • Adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety-related disorders
      • Bioenergetics
      • Group Therapy
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Relationship issues: Couples and Individuals