Javier Vallejo, Licensed Hypnotherapist; NLP Certified Master Practitioner

Cell phone: 415.108.2709
Office Hours: By appointment

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Javier Vallejo Wignall is a licensed hypnotherapist approved by the state of California USA and the International Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He began to study NLP in 1984 and started his professional practice and teaching in 1992. He gives workshops at universities, high schools, yoga centers, companies, to psychotherapists, lawyers, social workers and people interested in self-development. He is very well known for healing difficult cases in only a few sessions.

Javier is a yoga acharya: master of yoga (MY) certified by the Worldwide Yoga Alliance and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres from Quebec Canada. He has lived in ashrams in California and the Bahamas teaching hundreds of yoguis and yoga teachers. His personal style and peaceful energy elicit an enjoyable state of well being. He likes to give classes in monasteries and rehabilitation centers.

His message while being profound and transcendental is also very clear and extremely hopeful. He has assisted many people to expand their model of the world so that they can participate in creating a new paradigm with peace and prosperity for all.

His holistic treatment may include complementary tecniques like: energy healing; a simplified version of Feldenkrais; a way to dissolve pain with massage and hypnosis; the gentle flow of Aikido and kali (martial arts); the psychology of yoga; guided as well as psychophysiological meditation; advanced NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy.


1 session (duration: 60-90 minutes): 600 pesos

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