Vivian Piña, Anthroposophic Nutritionist

Cell phone: 415.149.2505

Office hours: By appointment

For websiteVivian Piña Duhart was born in Santiago, Chile; where she studied Nutrition and Dietetics in the prestigious University of Chile, from which she graduated with honors in 1989. From the beginning of her career, Vivian participated in social development programs targeted to eradicate poverty, within a context of democratic reconstruction in her country. This gave her a very strong awareness of the importance of the search for understanding the human spirit beyond the mere existence of a physical body; the latter of which is the traditional approach of clinical and allopath medicine in which she was formed.

Vivian’s long quest took her on different travels, as well as on brief incursions in various sciences and alternative medicine schools; she also ventured into the arts and into cultural development activities. After becoming a mother, she came in touch with Waldorf pedagogy, and through it she came to know the school of Anthroposophist Medicine and Spiritual Science. In Anthroposophy, Vivian discovered the possibility of widening the scientific knowledge by incorporating the dimensions of the supersensible world; understanding the unity of body, soul and spirit; both in sickness and in health. When it comes to nourishment and nutrition, the understanding of the role both play in a person’s integral development; and in its possibility of making us citizens of the Earth and of the Cosmos, utilizing the forces and qualities that lie within the different foods (not only in the substances they contain) for our physical, emotional and spiritual benefit.

Between 2007 and 2010, Vivian took the International Postgraduate Medical Training at the Anthroposophist Medical Society of Goetenaum, Switzerland. For 8 years, she lived in an anthroposophist community in Chile studying this spiritual science, as well as its applications on pedagogy, medicine, nutrition and agriculture. During this time, Vivian worked with patients as part of the Health team at the San Francisco de Limache Anthroposophist Medical Center; working towards the integral development of the community of the local Waldorf school.

Vivian currently resides in San Miguel de Allende, where she collaborates with the Mexican Anthroposophist Society; and also supports the development of the Waldorf-Árbol de La Vida educational community, through the leading of study groups for parents. She continues to share this knowledge to this day, through lectures, conferences, healthy cooking workshops, individual sessions and family orientation sessions.

Initial session: 600 pesos
Follow-up sessions: 450 pesos

Each session is 1hr15min long. To book sessions or other services, please contact Vivian directly.