QiGong Workshop with Peter Petersen

Saturday May 17th, 2-4 pm
Cost: 200 pesos per person

Mexico Feb & March 2013 241QiGong is ‘moving meditation’ from China. For thousands of years people on this planet have captured the essence of these simple movements to maintain balance and to heal themselves mentally and physically. QiGong accelerates healing and has a positive clinically recognized affect on most physical symptoms.

Peter Petersen, a certified Sheng Zhen Qigong teacher for the last 10 years, will cover the basic philosophy of QiGong as it relates to health and spiritual evolution. You will be introduced to several easy to learn QiGong forms and meditation practices to move chi in your body for self-healing, increase awareness, and to boost your level of vitality. We will work on both standing and sitting qi gong sequences.

No registration is required; please just show up 15 minutes before the beginning of the event. If you have any questions about QiGong or the event please contact Peter@awakenbodyandsoul.com.

About the facilitator
IMG_3770Peter Petersen has been teaching QiGong and meditation for over 12 years in several different resorts and retreat centers all over the United States and Mexico. He now teaches group workshops and individuals on how to doqigong and meditation with DiAnna ~ Solara internationally, while concurrently being a personal wellness coach with private clients. This entails helping people to ground themselves into their present moment and allow them to become more aware of their behaviors, and help give healthy solutions to problematic eating, moving, and sleeping habits. By giving support and assisting people in their ability to help heal themselves, he basically imparts a tool box of information that allows people to be empowered when it comes to their own health care. The result of Peter’s teaching is his clients become their own health advocate, and regain a sense of peace and prosperity in their normal daily life. Peter’s website: www.awakenbodyandsoul.com

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