Rest, refresh, restore—retreat

A retreat is a temporary withdrawal from day-to-day life in order to review where you have been and where you want to be going. It is a way to nourish those thoughts and feelings that have been waiting inside you until “later” when all the dust of life settles.

When you go on retreat with us, you enter sanctuary and connect with the ages-old energy of all the women and men who have removed themselves from the rushing river of living to take a break, relax, and re-assess.

Individual Guided Retreats

You may feel the call to make a retreat on your own—but you would like some gentle guidance on how to frame your retreat time. We help you do that by providing a daily schedule with suggested activities that address your special issues.
Perfect for you if you are going through a life transition, such as the loss of a job, career change, the death of a spouse or loved one, “empty-nest” syndrome, issues of health or aging, financial problems.

Individual Non-Guided Retreats

A way for you to look deeper into your life for meaning and purpose—to help you gain clarity and direction in many areas: relationship, career, financial stability and prosperity, family history, health, life crises, grieving, creativity, life passages, mental and emotional well-being, and living to your fullest potential. Just a room, kitchen privileges, and the opportunity for solitude in our tranquil retreat center.

Other Guided Group Retreats

You may have a group who is interested in making a retreat at LifePath Center. We welcome groups from all over the world. We can design content especially for your group—or you may want to lead the group yourself. See our STAY WITH US page to learn about how to do that.

Guided Retreat Facilitators

Your Facilitators for the guided retreats are Psychologist Dr. Beverly Nelson and Spiritual Counselor Joseph Dispenza. They may be joined by other LifePath Practitioners for a complete retreat experience.