San Miguel de Allende

LifePath Center is in San Miguel de Allende, high in the mountains of central Mexico. The town is a jewel of Spanish Colonial architecture, a place of cobblestone streets and picturesque church domes, frozen in time. San Miguel de Allende is one of the most enchanting cities in the Americas.

In October 2013, San Miguel de Allende was named #1 city in the world by Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards.  It was also named one of the Five Best Places in the World to Visit by the readers of Travel & Leisure magazine. In 2008, it was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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We selected San Miguel as the location for LifePath because of its remarkable charm and beauty, and because of the feeling of peace, serenity, and sanctuary that permeates the town. Everything here seems wrapped in a mantle of tranquility, giving residents and visitors alike the opportunity for quiet reflection and a sense of pleasure in the simple things of life.

And San Miguel is a very safe town. Read the article, “Is Mexico Safe?” — and this from the new Sunset Magazine, “Falling for San Miguel.”

The town, with its colorful walls, massive wooden doors, and breathtaking hillside views, enjoys a moderate year-round climate.

More About San Miguel

Mexico is a beautiful country, and its people are kind and helpful. If you do not know much Spanish, you will find that you can communicate quite well with some rudimentary sign language— and you will be surprised how many Mexican citizens know how to speak at least a little English. The food is clean, fresh, and nutritious. As in many countries around the world, you will be drinking bottled water, since Mexico’s tap water is not for drinking purposes.

San Miguel mixes the best aspects of small-town life with the cosmopolitan pleasures of the big city. Still, San Miguel is quite assuredly a small town. But it offers such a variety of good restaurants, good music, and wonderful shops and galleries that urbanites can find themselves quite at home here—hence the town’s escalating popularity with sophisticated international tourists.


Virtually all the buildings you see in the central part of town date from the colonial era, and newer buildings are required by law to conform to existing architecture. Because so much of San Miguel remains as it was during the days of silver mining, many of the hotels, restaurants, and shops along its cobbled streets—including LifePath Center itself— are housed in beautiful mansions dating from those years.