The Artist’s Journal, with Susan Dorf


March 10th,  2012. 11 AM -5 PM.

Journal Artwork by Susan Dorf

This workshop teaches the basic techniques of drawing, watercolor, lettering and design, as well as provides prompts and exercises to take participants into a deeper personal expression of their creativity. Susan draws from her experience as an artist and writer. She is also a teacher of non-judgment process painting and drawing. In this workshop she formulates exercises that take this form of creativity to more profound level, offering participants the tools and support they need, in a critic-free environment, to allow themselves the opportunity to mine their own rich creative resources. The goal is for participants to experience their lives ‘through artist’s eyes’, bringing a rich experience to everything they do.

A few images from Susan's latest workshop at LifePath Center

Participants will be invited to join an ongoing class on this topic at a time to be determined.

Phone: 831.689.9336

Event Cost: $125 USD (*Special discount for people who sign up before March 2nd: $95 USD, instead of regular fee.)

Susan Dorf
About Susan Dorf

Susan Dorf is an artist and arts educator from Santa Cruz, CA. She has been creating, exhibiting, and teaching art internationally for over twenty years. She has taught both children and adults in painting, drawing and art journaling. Her emphasis is on teaching groundwork techniques to then use as tools for entering into deep non judgmental creative process. The methods that Susan uses have produced profound results and experiences for participants, for both beginning and seasoned artists.

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2 Responses to The Artist’s Journal, with Susan Dorf

  1. I am interested in visiting San Miquel in February 2012 and hopefully staying at the Lifepath Retreat ….. is this workshop referring to Feb, 2012?

    • joseph says:

      Yes, that’s right, Diana. Beverly will be in touch with you directly about staying at the Center. We would love to have you with us in our little community at that time. Joseph

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