April 2014: The Power of Presence – An all-day workshop with Chris Spheeris

Tuesday April 15th, 10am-6 pm
Cost: 1,300 pesos

This all-day workshop is for expats, English-speaking residents, artists, anyone on “the path”, and generally anyone who wants to “turbo-boost” their life. If you are a creative person who seeks a higher level of inspiration, please come. If you are a “conscious” person who would like to experience a more enriching sense of “presence”, please come. If you someone who wants to experience a deep and expansive day of fun, freeing, and thought-provoking expansion, then by all means, please come.

The workshop itself will be a combination of lecture and engaging exercises all focused on letting go of  judgements and limiting beliefs about ourselves. The truth is that we are all Diving creations with infinite potential to create and experience constant states of wonder and inspiration. The exercises will involve “the art of deep listening”, “freeing movement” where the body moves and dances us, writing exercises that free and heal the psyche, and some simple and freeing art exercises with watercolors. No artistic background is required whatsoever. This workshop is intended for anyone and everyone who would like to experience fresh and expansive aspects of themselves.

All the workshops Chris has facilitated, whether they are about creativity, inspiration, sovereignty, empowerment, or freedom, can be distilled to one goal- to attain and sustain the state of “presence”. There is no “higher” state than this, and yet is is so very simple. We all experience presence on occasion and some of us are able to live the majority of our moments in presence. At the same time we live in a “noisy” culture that drives us further and further from our “sacred silence” from which our natural state of presence is accessed. This workshop will introduce you to deeper states of engagement which brings us into presence. Only through full engagement do we actually experience our lives.


To reserve your spot and to register, or for more information, please go to: www.ChrisSpheeris.com/SanMiguel

chris spheeris smallAbout the facilitator
Chris Spheeris is an award-winning, internationally renowned recording artist, performer, writer, filmmaker, photographer, inspirational speaker and open creative channel. His workshops are hands-on intensive explorations and expansions of human potential. His website is www.ChrisSpheeris.com.

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