The Power of Sacred Chant – An interactive Half-day workshop with Alejandro Negrete

THURSDAY JULY 18th, 10am-1pm


“Liberate your voice and connect with your Inner Self”

“When you sing, you pray twice.”

 Saint Augustine

Chanting, music, and sacred sound have been used since time immemorial within the great traditions of the world to connect us with the world of the unseen. As Beethoven so eloquently put it: “Music is the incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge…” It is a powerful medium through which we can come into the knowledge and recognition of our divine nature.

In this chanting workshop, we will explore sacred chant from the perspective of diverse traditions, discovering the power behind a wide range of mantras and their positive effects on us. Each mantra has a unique vibrational quality, a specific intention and guides us to deepen our relationship with the many aspects of the divine. 

We will chant as a group, employing a diverse range of simple yet profound practices, including improvisational chant, Kirtan (devotional chant), and the chanting of mantras in order to bathe ourselves in the qualities of peace, joy, and beauty.

Through sacred sound, we learn how to move beyond the restless mind and emotional turmoil that block our creative expression in the world and thus learn to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

The emphasis of the workshop will be on direct experience yet will also include theoretical knowledge related to each practice.

In the workshop you will learn:

      • Practical exercises to free your voice
      • Ways to activate and harmonize your chakras through chant (body, mind, and  spirit)
      • To connect with your Inner Self through sound
      • To combine the practice of chant with that of meditation
      • To transcend negativity through sound, mantra, and chant
      • To experience greater joy, love and peace in your life

All participants will receive handouts outlining the practices explored during the workshop

Note: No previous experience necessary.

TO REGISTER contact Alejandro Negrete

HM: (415) 120-0649

Cell: (415) 117-0428

Price: $350 MXN 



Alejandro CroppedAlejandro has received a BA in Western and Oriental Philosophy and Human Nature from the Colorado College.  He is a certified facilitator of the Pneuma System, an integral form of Transpersonal Psychology.

As part of his training in Transpersonal Psychology, he has developed and practiced sacred chant and music since 2004. In 2011, he received a certificate in Sound and Music Facilitation from the Open Center in New York. 

Pneuma System Eagle

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