The Power of Sacred Chant – Weekly classes with Alejandro Negrete


EVERY TUESDAY from 12-1pm


LifePath Center, Pila Seca 11

Drop-ins welcome.

80 pesos

“Liberate your voice and connect with your Inner Self”

“When you sing, you pray twice.”

 Saint Augustine

In these ongoing chanting classes, we will explore sacred chant from the perspective of diverse traditions, discovering the power behind a wide range of mantras and their positive effects on us. Each mantra has a unique vibrational quality, a specific intention and guides us to deepen our relationship with the many aspects of the divine. 

We will chant as a group, employing a diverse range of simple yet profound techniques, including improvisational chanting, Kirtan, and the chanting of mantras in order to bathe ourselves in the qualities of peace, joy, and beauty.

Through sacred sound, we learn how to move beyond the restless mind and emotional turmoil that block our creative expression in the world and thus learn to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

In these classes, we will explore:

      • Practical exercises to free your voice
      • Chants to activate and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit
      • Ways to connect with your Inner Self through sound
      • Combining the practice of chant with that of meditation
      • Methods to transcend negativity through sound, mantra, and chant
      • The path to experiencing greater joy, love and peace through sacred sound

Note: No previous experience necessary.


Alejandro Negrete

HM: (415) 120-0649

Cell: (415) 117-0428

Price: $100 pesos per class, PACKAGE: 5 for $400


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