The Shape of Things to Come: Creating Tomorrow with Astrology

Nov 5-12: The Shape of Things to Come: Creating Tomorrow with Astrology – with Jeff Jawer & Rick Levine

Join internationally renowned Astrologers Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer for a special week in magical San Miguel de Allende, as they map out the years ahead by applying astrological trends to individual birth charts in intellectually stimulating and emotionally moving ways that anyone can understand and put to practical use.

The world does not end in 2012.
Humanity is now in the second stage of a self-discovery process that began in the 1960s. We’re wiser and older this time around and have sharper tools for shaping our future. Astrology uses the cosmic ingredients of the planets, signs and aspects to better understand how we can positively impact our personal and collective trajectories. We’ve already been served some powerful planetary appetizers (Saturn opposed Uranus in 2008-2010 and Saturn squared Pluto in 2009-2010…with a Jupiter-Uranus chaser in 2010-2011). Now we are ready for the main course: The transformational Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2015.

The Real and Ideal: A New Balance for Humanity
The alchemists were interested in transforming lead (the real, the material world of Saturn) into gold (the ideal, the light of the Sun). An alembic, a special container, was required for this distillation process. This retreat is an experiential exploration of alchemical astrology that will enable each participant to strengthen his/her alembic (intention), balance the cosmic forces at work, and aid in the metamorphosis of consciousness and society.

Manifesting Dreams
Rick and Jeff will direct the group through an evolutionary process guided by astrology. They will guide participants through the river of time, demonstrating how history unfolds to the rhythm of the planets. Rick and Jeff will help each group member use Saturn to anchor her/himself with purpose. This is a hands-on retreat/workshop about defining dreams and making them real. The week involves group work, individual chart analysis, and transformational exercises that will lead each person to clarify her/his intention with concrete ideas that are grounded in reality.

Rick and Jeff’s capacity to bring complex concepts down to earth makes this an ideal seminar for astrology beginners, advanced students and professionals. Instead of passively watching change as helpless bystanders, the language of astrology will illuminate the incredible challenges and opportunities of these times in ways to help us fulfill our human potential and consciously create our future together.

To attend this workshop, basic understanding of the signs, planets and houses will be helpful, and this can be easily gleaned through a little preliminary reading. However no experience is too much or too little, please just come with a completely open mind.


  • Morning Sessions: 9:00 AM-12 Noon
  • 3 hour Lunch/Siesta Break
  • Afternoon Sessions: 3-5:15 PM
  • There will a morning tea/coffee break.

Arrival day ~ Saturday Nov 5. Afternoon Public Discussion 2~5 PM

Sunday, Nov 6 official opening day and the beginning of our journey together.

Wednesday, Nov 9: Free Day. Rest, walk, or visit local attractions. We may have an optional organised tour set up for participants ~ paid for individually. Details will be posted when available.

Saturday Nov 12, Afternoon ~ Group Discussion & Closing

For those who need to make early departure arrangements, we expect to be finished by 5:30 PM on Nov 12.

Cost: $850 ~ per person/ The price includes full attendance at the workshop, and coffee/tea at morning breaks, and a set lunch, (lunch beverages to be paid for individually). (Inquire about special San Miguel de Allende Resident Prices.)

Airfares, ground transportation and accommodations are the participants’ responsibility ~ we are however most happy to give assistance with these arrangements.


***We are planning on including an early morning yoga class as part of the program, more on this later***
Registration: All prices are in US Dollars – for Currency Conversion, go to:
Please note: prices subject to change without prior notice. If you have made a deposit we will honour the price you signed up for.

Please contact Rick or Jeff directly if you would like a private reading with them.

  • Rick Levine:
  • Jeff Jawer:

We will be professionally recording the workshop, which will be available for purchase on the following website at a later date.



San Miguel has a plethora of accommodation options in all price ranges. For the convenience of our participants we have booked a whole hotel just one-minute’s walk from the workshop venue, its sister property, Casa Luna Quebrada. A gorgeous 15 room facility, with a pool. We have been given a special price of $125 per room (breakfast and all taxes included). Rooms can be (king bed) singles/double occupancy or twin bed double occupancy. It will be 1st come on the rooms and a few are already reserved so we do recommend booking early.

Please note: because we have reserved the whole facility for this workshop and are being given such a great deal, upon reserving your room at Casa Luna, you will be required to pay a 25% deposit based on the cost of your entire stay at the hotel. A further 25% will be required in January 2011, with the balance to be paid at the time of the workshop itself.

We do expect the programme and hotel to fill, so if for any reason someone needs to cancel we will do our best to re-rent their room to someone else. The workshop is tuition only, although of course we will do our utmost to provide the best and easiest choices in accommodation for our participants. Please note however: our involvement in helping with accommodations is a service not an integral part of the programme. Participants are fully responsible for their payments and dealings with Casa Luna or any other hotel they might choose to stay at.

Alternative Accommodations

An alternative economical choice is Casa Crayola, named so because it is so wonderfully colourful! This is an ideal spot for those looking for something cosy yet affordable. It is about a 12 minute stroll from the workshop venue, or a $2 taxi ride.

The casitas are around $75 per night, with some doubles and a few triples for that price. These units are completely self-catering so great for anyone on a budget.

The owners are offering an additional package of airport transfers (from Leon) and daily breakfasts for $110 per person. Please inform them if you want this package when you make your reservation.

There is space for about 16 people at Casa Crayola, double or triple occupancy.

The centro of San Miguel, major shopping areas, and the workshop venue itself, are a short 5-7 minute walk away. Within a block are several internet cafes, two bakeries, a small has-everything store, and a pharmacy.

Casita amenities include: Cable TV; Wireless Internet Access; Kitchenette with Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Maker, and Cooking Utensils; Linens; Gardens & Fountains; Maid Service.

Another option we recommend for participants is the charming B&B Casa Calderoni, about a leisurely 8 minutes walk from Casa Luna, and central to everything, but on a gorgeous little quiet side street.

When booking directly through them, mention our programme.

Pre-Workshop Event in Support of LifePath Center

This wonderful healing center in San Miguel de Allende owns the beautiful facility where we are meeting, and they count as one of our main supporters in this lovely, progressive community. Their wonderful staff will be joining us for a pre-workshop presentation by Rick and Jeff, and this event will be a benefit for them, given in gratitude for their support and friendship. This portion of the workshop will be open to the general public and held on Saturday, November 5th, from 2:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm in the LifePath Center, payment of 50 pesos to be made at the door (with the exception of pre registered workshop participants).


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