Transformational Business Coaching and Support Group

Tuesdays 6:00 p.m.–7:30 p.m., Garden Room (please enter through Pura Vida)

Cost: Drop-ins welcome 200 pesos per class or 700 pesos for 4 classes (payable at the class)

Business owners, independent professionals and creative individuals are often “solopreneurs,” meaning “on your own.” As well-intentioned as friends or family may be, they lack the objectivity or expertise to truly understand your business or help with solid advice as to structure and finances, employee/customer/vendor relations, marketing and management decisions, and, moreover, your personal mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
In the safe, caring environment of this weekly class, we address your specific challenges, brainstorm practical solutions, and support one another in defining and achieving success. Whether you are in the start-up phase or have been in business for years, this is an excellent affordable opportunity to advance your expertise, grow your business and your joy, and benefit from the group coaching and support process that is proven to achieve faster and more profound results.

Aysha Griffin is a marketing and communications professional, entrepreneur, writer/editor, and desktop publishing pioneer. Since 1985, she has helped hundreds of businesses, organizations and professionals to clarify their vision and achieve their goals; and designed and led workshops for corporations, civic leaders, and creative individuals. A lifelong student of philosophy and mind-body-spirit awareness, she is also a certified relationship coach and faculty member of the Hendricks Institute/Foundation for 21st Century Leadership. Aysha’s workshops and coaching integrate the practical, visionary, and artistic to foster healthier, more joyful relationships to Self, Others and Work.

For accelerated success, Aysha offers one-on-one business coaching. For more information, visit her website: She can be reach via email: or by phone: (044) 415-113-2248.

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