March 2015: Visionary Art Workshop / Marzo 2015: Taller de Arte Visionario

(Info en Español, abajo.)

Facilitator: Professor Carlos Cabán
Friday March 13th, 2-6 pm

Nuestra madre

Minimum participants: 5 with prepaid inscription

Cost: 800 pesos

Materials included

Objective: To help get participants in contact with their own personal visionary symbols, inspired by the history and artists of Visionary Art, and through art exercises achieve a creative artistic meditative experience.


Realize a visual journey through the history of Visionary Art from  prehistoric times until the present movement, emphasizing the most   important artists, and introducing visionary symbols including Sacred Geometry.

  • Realize expressive drawing and painting exercises based on the collective and personal inspiration of the students.
  • Realize a meditation designed to allow the students to find the personal symbols they would like to express in drawing or painting
  • To create a drawing or painting using your own individual visionary language.


2:00 – 3:00 Interactive visual presentation of Visionary Art history and artists. Includes discussions, explanations, comments and questions from participants.

3:00 – 3:20 Collective and individual art exercises designed to loosen up creativity.

3:30 – 14:00 Second visual presentation of contemporary Visionary Art and artists.

4:00 – 4:30 Second experimental art exercises

4:40 –  5:00 Meditation

5:10 – 6:00 Creation  of personal art work based on symbols received through the meditation.

Register directly with Carlos at or call him at 415.111.7269.

About Carlos Cabán

100_1658_0Visionary painter, illustrator and teacher, Carlos Cabán is a graduate of Pratt Institute who has lived and taught at the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel for many years. His work has graced the covers of albums and children”s books and magazines. His paintings have been exhibited in New York, Chile, Santa Fe New Mexico, San Francisco, and Mexico.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, Cabán lived and worked with the nomatic Wayu indians in Colombia. This had a profound affect on his work.  Since then, he has continuously explored indigenous spirituality, myths and other states of consciousness in his paintings and drawings.  In Mexico, Cabán has lived with the Huichol indians and participated in ceremonies and pilgrimages that have inspired many paintings. These themes interwine with his desire to go back to basics: light and color, mother goddess culture, symbols and geometry, abstractions and dreams, back to the subconscious.  This makes Cabán’s paintings resonate with Visionary Art.


Facilitador: Carlos Cabán

Viernes 13 de Marzo, 2-6 pm

Mínimo de participantes:  5 con inscripción previa y pago por adelantado.

Inversión del participante: 800 pesos mx.

Incluye materiales.

Objetivo:  Que los participantes puedan tomar contacto con sus símbolos personales, inspirados en los referentes del arte visionario, para plasmarlos en una experiencia de creación plástica meditativa.


  • Realizar un recorrido visual de arte visionario desde los tiempos prehistóricos hasta el presente movimiento, destacando a los artistas más importantes, logrando una introducción a los símbolos visionarios.
  • Realizar ejercicios expresivos de dibujo y pintura rescatando la inspiración propia de los participantes.
  • Realizar una meditación que permita a los participantes  buscar los símbolos que deseen elaborar en forma plástica.
  •  Llevar a cabo una  experiencia plástica individual.


2:00 –3:00 Presentación interactiva del recorrido visual de los artistas visionarios de la historia del arte (Diaporama). Incluye discusión explicaciones, comentarios y preguntas de los participantes.

3:00 – 3:20 Aproximación individual y colectivo con los materiales de arte . Ejercicio de desarrollo plástico a partir de líneas dadas.

3:30 a 4:00 Segunda  presentación visual de arte y artistas visionarios contemporáneos (diaporama).

4:00 a 4:30 Segundo ejercicio plástico. Creación de obra colectiva experimental.

4:40 a 5:00   Meditación.

5:10 a 6:00 Creación plástica de obra personal.

Inscríbete directamente con Carlos en o al celular  415.111.7269.

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