Waking Up Where We Are

A class series with Jerry Steward and Meredith Moraine of the SMA Meditation Community.

Three consecutive Tuesdays: August 13th, 20th and 27th. 10am-12 pm. By donation.

The Path

Much has been said and written about the spiritual Path. Some of us can pinpoint the moment that we stepped on the Path, while others feel that they have always been traveling it, from their earliest memories. Some may feel a bit lost, like inexperienced travelers, while others know all too much about the terrain and miss the initial freshness of view.

Because of the commonly used path metaphor, we tend to see the spiritual journey as linear, leading from here to there, with a discernible end. When it appears more like a maze, or a series of spirals, or a seemingly endless swamp of stagnation, we naturally think something is going wrong. We were on our way, and then what happened? Sometimes our hearts are wide open and we feel ourselves one with all that is. At other times we’re shut down and hurting, walled off from the rest of humanity and the universe around us. Instead of smoothly moving from darkness into light, as we hoped and expected, we find ourselves bouncing back and forth, often for no discernible reason.

Then something strange happens, and we find ourselves happy and content–again, for no obvious reason. Instead of being tossed about by the push-pull of the mind, we settle into a place of fundamental rightness Suddenly we’re at home. So one might ask, was the Path ever a matter of leaving home? Is it possible to awaken to the inherent peace and happiness of our essential nature where we are, as we are?

In this three-session course we will look deeply into these questions. We will explore the sometimes subtle differences between the mundane and the awakened viewpoint, the plateaus and dark nights of the spiritual Path, and the very nature of Path itself. Most importantly, we will practice experiencing the body/mind awake to its naturally luminous nature.

This class is part of the “Waking Up in the Midst of Our Lives” series. Drawing primarily from our own experience as well as the wisdom of Buddhist and other non-dual teachings, in this series we explore simple, practical ways for opening hearts, minds and bodies to the deep Mystery that is this life. For more information: jermer@hotmail.com or smamc@lifepathretreats.com. 


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