Where’s My Love? – A fun & powerful workshop to help you get more love!

Where’s My Love?™ is a fun but powerful 2 day- 6 hour workshop to help you attract exactly what you want in a relationship!

In attending Daniel Packard’s workshop “Where’s My Love?” as an Awakener for Awakening360, my original intent was to share the beautiful work that I had a feeling Daniel did with all the Awakening 360 community. The evening was filled with a lot of laughter, serious humor, and valuable truths revealed. Male or female- it didn’t matter. The entire room was packed. Everyone got a lot of valuable information from attending that will stay with us forever. Both men and women gave powerful insights of what they went home with and how they were going to apply them. I loved Daniels acronym for FLIRT. Free Love in Real Time.

An excerpt from Jena Francia’s review of the Where’s My Love? Workshop, held in San Francisco during the week prior to Christmas, 2011.

To read the complete rave review, click here.


I have revised my review many times. I don’t think that anything that I can say will do justice to the work that Daniel does and shares so openly. It was “THAT GOOD” that I just don’t know what exactly to share.

Daniel Packard, renowned and hilarious dating and relationship coach, playfully unleashes the juicy, raw truth that helps his clients catapult from whining to shining. He is joined by Dr. Beverly Nelson, Psychologist, who lends her psychological expertise to help you apply these truths to your own lives.

This workshop is for everybody who wants more – love, sex, flirting, connection, deep kisses on a rainy day, whatever you want. You will hear simple yet profound (and rarely spoken about) perspectives that create a more open, confident you.

Where’s My Love is perfect for you if you want that big, full, lasting love and are willing to grow to get it.

After years of helping singles find love and couples keep the spark alive, Daniel and Beverly have realized one thing: We don’t have twenty year problems, we have five minute problems that have been going on for twenty years.

If you want to save time and have more love in your life, please come be part of this insightful and memorable event!

Dates: Jan. 7th-8th, 2012 from 2 to 5 each day.

Cost: 1200 pesos

Pre-register: 154 8465 or beverly@lifepathretreats.com

Location: LifePath Center, Pila Seca 11

Visit www.DanielPackard.com and www.lifepathretreats.com for more info.

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