About LifePath Center

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LifePath Center is a network of wellness and personal growth professionals based in San Miguel de Allende. For over a decade (almost 14 years), LifePath Center has provided holistic healing services and self-realization programs to San Miguel residents and visitors from other parts of Mexico and many other countries.

LifePath Center, which houses over twenty bilingual (English/Spanish) wellness practitioners, is a focus of community activity in the area of personal growth, enjoying a reputation as the premier location for wellness of body, mind, and spirit.  It is known as the largest and most comprehensive wellness center in all of Mexico.

LifePath Center has become an important part of the community of San Miguel de Allende.  It is a pillar of strength for many and contributes to the well being of many.  The business has grown to have a personality of it’s own and the brand is well known locally and internationally.  Hundreds of people have come to LifePath, from all over the world, on retreat as well as for individual sessions, classes and workshops. The reputation of LifePath has been built on integrity, by word of mouth and by having a strong marketing outreach.

Beverly headshot small for websiteDr. Beverly Nelson, PhD – co-founder and Director of LifePath Center

“Creating retreat centers is a passion of mine. The vision has never left me. For me, it all began in 1983, when I helped to create a community retreat center called “Nexus” outside of Memphis, Tennessee.  I, and a group of “healers”, built a Geodesic dome (on 30 acres) for our main building…”

Click here to read Dr. Nelson’s story of how LifePath Center came to be!

Meet our Staff!

524896_10151000700178659_361890403_nPR Liaison – Berenice Parra

Bere is in charge of marketing, event scheduling, website content, communications, customer interaction by e-mail and many other essential tasks at LifePath Center. A  Hispanic Literature major (Universidad de Guanajuato, class of 2005), she is fluent in Spanish and English and is the connection between Dr. Beverly Nelson – Director – and the rest of the LifePath Center team. You can reach her at bere@parra-pr.com.

Office Manager – Miriam Gómez

Miriam just finished law school and joined our administrative team officially on February 1st, 2016. She takes after her parents, Fernando and Jackie, for she’s a thriving person with a passion for service, always with a smile on her face. You can find her at LifePath Center Monday through Friday from 10:30am to 2:30pm.

Superintendent – Fernando Morín

All of the LifePath practitioners, as well as anyone who has ever stayed at LifePath Center, or offered a class or workshop, knows that Fernando always goes the extra mile in his efforts to help everybody feel right at home. Polite, hard-working and always in a great mood, Fernando is much more than a superintendent – he is an essential part of LifePath Center!

Housekeeping & Catering – Jaquelyne Sánchez

Affectionally called Jackie by all of us at LifePath Center, there is no question about the fact that this awesome lady can cook! The feasts she prepares come straight from the heart and in many cases play a rather relevant role in our guests’ stay at LifePath. Her Mexican dishes are legendary!



Photo credits (except Bere’s photo): Michael Amici